Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Birthday, Thank-you Wonderful Family!!

I want to thank my parents for bringing me into this world and letting me stay. It was nice to be able to have them come for the celebration. They live nearby and so it is convenient.

This is a self-portrait of Michelle by Michelle. She made one of my favorite things - chilled strawberry soup.

It was delicious. Almost like having a dessert for an appetizer. The whole strawberry and whip cream on top made it extra yummy.

There was a beautiful salad.

The main course was cream chicken over hot spelt biscuits, and creamed corn.
We did have dessert. My mom baked an apple pie and the children made some homemade ice cream. It was a wonderful ending to a delicious meal.

I love daffodils!! Ours in the yard are not ready yet, but Michelle found some at the store and they looked and smelled beautiful!
Thanks Girlfriend!

My good friend Kathy and her husband were also there. The girls surprised me by inviting them.

JoAn made the creamed chicken and biscuits. She also put together the salad. Everything was yummy, and I didn't have to do a thing.

Elizabeth took Michelle's trophy from Awana (our children are not real big on storing them) and adapted it and gave it to me. It was very sweet. Michelle helped her get the flowers and attach them.

The rest of my gifts were a ping pong paddle from the children, socks from my mom and dad. My sister got me a gift card to Trader Joe's, a lunch invitation from my friend Kathy, and some old pictures from my folks of me as a child.
I am a truly blessed woman. Thank-you to all my dear family and friends.
Love ya!
~Mom ( I forget how old I am though)


  1. Your GOOD sister got you a GC. The other one is a bum. Your age is 46. Do I win a prize? :-)

  2. I didn't mention names. You might have gotten a prizeif you had been right, but you are not. I better recalculate, Nope, you are still wrong by my calculator.

  3. well I think you were 2 when your uncle and I were married and we just celebrated 45 years...but my math is really bad...Enjoyed all the pictures and all the talk of the meal has made me hungry

  4. Looks like you had a beautiful day! Glad you were blessed... esp by the GOOD sister... hehehe.
    All of our snow is gone I'm hoping to see some green in my front yard soon! This winter has felt soooooo long!

  5. hmm...must be 47 then. thanks aunt sue!

  6. you are right this time. congrats:)