Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Thoughts

This post is just some random things. Michelle did a photo shoot on our last trip to Amish country while I was busy with patients. It kept Elizabeth occupied too. I really like how many of them came out. This is a sampling.

This week has been busy with school and work. Too many late nights and full days. Only one early morning. Today. It snowed last night. Spring is still dallying.

Please be praying for our friend Lily. She was the young girl who had the severe injury to her leg when she was struck by the ATV. She is needing another surgery on Monday. The bones in her leg are not healing and the growth plate is damaged. Please pray that she will not have too much pain and that the bone will heal now.

Our friend Angie finished her radiation on her tongue/jaw about a month ago. She still has a feeding tube because her mouth is so sore. Please pray that this will heal quickly so that she can once more start eating. Otherwise she seems to be doing well and is able to take care of her family again.

My sister Miriam and her husband Todd leave tomorrow to fly to the Philippines for two weeks . Please pray for safety for them. The children will be spending the time with both sets of grandparents. Please pray that this will go well. They are planning to move there in July for a couple years. Todd will be teaching at Faith Academy.