Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why is Dallas in the Back Hall?

That is an excellent question that my cousin Susanna asked. Why is our outdoor dog sleeping in the back hall? The answer has to do with his very active night life.

Dallas is part hound/part black lab and he likes to pretend he is a mighty hunter. We don't know what kind of hound he is part of. When we watch him run we think he may be part gray hound. But the other night he may have given us another clue.

He treed a coon in the back yard! He was so proud of himself! He would hide in the shed and whenever that coon started to move he would tear out barking and make sure it didn't try to escape. We brought him into the house after he was still barking in the early morning hours. Since then, he regularly patrols the yard at night and starts barking at all the nocturnal critters that wander around in the back field behind our house. Mom got tired of being awakened at midnight several nights in a row and so now he gets to sleep in the back hall. We do barricade him in with two baby gates as he has a prodigious jumping ability and will try and make a snack run to the kitchen if he isn't contained.

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