Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hot Times in the Kitchen

This man is my hero. He had the brilliant idea of installing an oven in the kitchen. His buddy was over and the two of them ran a new electric line. His Buddy, Jeff, got a real 'charge' out of this job. They didn't have the power turned off in one of the circuits they were working on. Our house was wired by a schizophrenic electrician. We have things on one circuit in the attic, garage, AND the basement. We have lived here for 13 years, and we still have switches that we don't know what they go to.

For the last few years we have used an oven in the garage. It is nice in the summer, but in the winter you need to put boots on to go out there, because the snow blows in under the door. It has worked OK.

We had a dysfunctional double oven in the kitchen that we were using for storing the cast iron pots in the top one and trivets and such in the bottom one. It was not a thing of beauty. Here it is on it's way out. (YEAH!!)

My DH recently picked up this brand new oven off a job and it is the right size (very small) to fit in the old space. This is so sweet! There is even a little room underneath that will still work for storage as this is only a single oven. We have the good life, a little oven in the kitchen and a big one close by in the garage. Some people still must cook over dung fires. We have no problems.
Thanks Darling! You are a Prince among men!

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  1. We have the same size oven in our kitchen! :)

    When we moved into the house we discovered that the oven overheated (I bought an oven thermometer to check how hot it got and the oven was so hot it BROKE the thermometer in less than 10 minutes!)
    Our insurance covered a new oven but it took them MONTHS to get a new one put in for us as they tried to find the parts to repair the original one first. After living for 4 months without any oven at all I am quite grateful to have one even if it is too small for a lot of my baking dishes!