Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Awana Potato Night

Our Awana Group had a potato night on Sunday. The children were to decorate a potato that looked like one of the leaders. This one was done with marker for the shirt, and electrical tape for the pants. They used peppercorns for the eye.

This one was done from icing that was taken off a cake we never ate. It was a Michelle decorating project and we just never got around to eating it. Maybe the blue rose scared us off. We have just had enough sugar lately and didn't need it. So, the icing was recycled and used on the potato.

This one T-Bob did of his leader. He used ketchup on a sweet potato. The ball cap was another chunk of potato. HE also recycled some icing for the pants.

Not exactly things of beauty, but the children had fun doing them. Kind of a fun project to do with the children.

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