Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Third (and Last) Semester-Charlotte Mason Style

Spring is on my mind!! Unfortunately, these pictures were not taken outside. They are from the 2009 Home and Flower Show. It still makes my heart happy to see them on a rainy, dreary day like today. These photos were taken by Michelle.

This is our spring semester of school. I am going to run through our 'morning time' schedule. This is a constantly evolving process from semester to semester. We didn't start here but have gradually grown to this point. I would recommend that if this is something you are interested in then first try a few things and then a few more, until you like how it is. For more ideas... Read 'The Charlotte Mason Companion' by Karen Andreola. This is a great book with short chapters that is easy to read. It gives good information on her ideas, parenting, and home education. Check out http://www.heartkeepercommonroom.blogspot.com/ . She has written a lot of articles recently on how they school following the Charlotte Mason Approach. When you hear or read a list don't be intimidated because it sounds like so much. Remember that each part is done for only a brief (3-15 minute) time. You can do a lot of different things then in a relatively short time. Also, http://www.amblesideonline.org/ also has scheduling helps and ways to make these ideas practical and do-able. You DON'T have to use EVERY idea ALL the time. This is your school and you get to make the rules and decisions. Relax and enjoy your children.

Prayer: Every day we start off with prayer for others and for each other.
Hymn: Changes Monthly. March is 'Alas, and Did my Savior Bleed' by Isaac Watts
Bible: We are working through Kay Arthur's "How to Study the Bible in 28 Days", and then we want to do a brief study of Philippians.
Scripture: Memorizing Romans 10. These are the verses the children need to learn to go to camp, along with completing their AWANA book.
Poetry: We will be memorizing 'The Moon', 'Summer Sun' by Robert Louis Stevenson, (from 'Child's Garden of Verses') and maybe one or two other shorter poems.
Lists: We will review our States and Capitols, 10 Commandments, Judges of Israel, and Kings of Judah.
Book: Currently finishing, 'Freckles' by Gene Stratton Porter, Then we will start a Douglas Bond Book, then if there is time we will do another Ralph Moody book.
Variety: Monday we read a creation book, Tuesday- Science (Inventions and Technology), Thursday- Art or Drawing
Logic- We use a variety of fun things. Monday is a general knowledge quiz book from 1943, Tuesday - Cards from 20 questions, or Tri-bond, Wednesday- Lateral Thinking Puzzles, Thursday- 2 Minute Mysteries by Donald Sobol (He wrote the Encyclopedia Brown Series for Youngsters also)
Missionary Story- Currently reading 'Missionary to the Headhunters' by Frank Drown
Jungle Doctor Series by Paul White, we are on Book 9 in the series.
Thankfulness Journal- The children have to write down three things they are thankful for in a notebook everyday. We had to come up with some guidelines or they got lazy.
History- Mystery of History Vol. 1
Literature Reading- A half hour of silent reading in a book I assign them. I choose books that are little more challenging to them, a new author or a genre of literature.
History Reading- A biography, source material, classic, or historical fiction that ties in to the period of history that we are studying. This is what I use to make a multi-level history course appropriate to whatever grade they are at.
Writing- The bain of my existence. I keep trying and failing and trying again to work on this. We are fairly faithful at writing letters and creative writing assignments.
Please remember, we don't read every book every day! Honestly, this takes us about 2.5-3 hours to get through.
In the afternoon the children do their math, music, chores, recess (outside play about an hour/day, the younger boys get even more), science (for the older ones, Jay Wile's Apologia Series), READING -I assign them multiple books to read through in a semester.
That's school at the Mango Academy.

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  1. Thanks! This has been a year of change for our homeschool and your thoughts are very helpful. I knew I had missed some things when I saw you on Sat, so I was glad to see you had typed it all out. :-) Thinking of you always brings warm feelings. Thanks for your friendship and help when we have another "issue". :-)