Sunday, March 14, 2010

Igloo Building

The last snow we had was nice and moist. For our southern friends, this means it was a really good packing snow. It made great snowmen and snow forts. The children attempted to build an igloo during recess.

They used a drawer from a small refrigerator to form their blocks. The drawer will never be the same. It is now held together with duct tape. The combination of cold and banging shortened it's life dramatically.
The boys did a good job as they tried to figure out how to bring it in and make an arch for the entrance.

With so many helpers, sometimes the walls got bumped and knocked down a bit. Here Mr. Boots, Thomas and Chance are working together.

They finally got the arch finished and over the doorway. They had mighty plans, however recess ended and the weather warmed before they got it finished. It was a good opportunity to practice their architectural skills and some basic geometry. They had a good time doing it too.

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