Thursday, March 18, 2010

Language Lessons by Sandi Queen

Our family has started using this series of books recently. Sandi Queen has written these books for her family in the Charlotte Mason tradition. We had used something similar in an old English book and really enjoyed it. Sandi has started this series for preschoolers and works all the way up to high schoolers. It includes picture studies, narratives, copywork, and grammar. The nice thing about it is that the lessons are short (take 2-15 minutes)and relatively painless. It goes to show that children can learn these topics well without a huge amount of drill work. Our children don't mind doing these.
I really like the full color paintings used in the picture studies. She also uses a lot of familiar poetry and character sketches. They are designed to be consumed, however I have all my older students (4th grade +) writing in a notebook rather than in the book itself.

To get more information, see the Queen's website at . She has information about which book to place your child in. She also has pdf files containing about 6 pages from each book which are also helpful in deciding. The titles of the books are a little misleading as to what levels are being taught, but don't let that bother you. If you want to follow a Charlotte Mason approach or maybe you just have a boy (or girl) who hates busy work, these are for you.

This review was done just because I wanted to share what I have appreciated, nobody asked me to do it and I got nothing for it.

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