Saturday, July 24, 2010

Book Sale Findings.

Thomas and I went to a library sale this morning. This sale has a lot of donations and is one of the sales I don't like to miss.
I thought I'd tell you some of the things I found...
Famous Fairy Tales, Edited by Walter Piper (Think, 'The Little Engine that Could' author)
Emily Lewis's 'Friends' and 'Emma's Lamb' If you are unfamiliar with her, she writes and illustrates picture books for the 18 month-4 year old set. They are in a rural setting and are very peaceful. Very sweet illustrations, and lifelike.
The Brown Fairy Book Edited by Andrew Lang
'Smoky' by Will James, A cowboy/horse story
Landmark Books/World Landmark Books:
Marie Antoinette
Tregaskis:John F. Kennedy and PT 109
Lincoln and Douglas, The Years of Decision
Tippecanoe and Tyler, too!
Thomas Jefferson: Father of Democracy
Custer's Last Stand
The Panama Canal
The Winter at Valley Forge
The Erie Canal
(I had all but 2 of these already. I will put the others in our doubles boxes.)When looking for Landmark books, make sure to check the Biography, History and Travel sections. They are often misplaced in the adult books. I found 'The Erie Canal' book in the travel section today.
'More Songs to Grow on' by Beatrice Landeck, A book with a lot of old folk songs
'The Snow Queen' by Hans Christian Andersen. Ill. by Mary Engelbreit (A lot of Nursery rhyme, fairy tale, poetry books I have collected because I like the illustrations. I never pass up a book illustrated by Marguerite DeAngeli, Wesley Dennis, etc.)
'The Little Fir Tree' by Margaret Wise Brown. (She is another author of children's picture books that I grab when I see. I remember her 'Ask Mr. Bear' book as being one of the first books I read to myself when I was four.)
'Mudlark' by Geoff Dunham I never heard of this author before, but I liked his picture book
'Richard Halliburton's Complete Book of Marvels' , One of my children's favorite travelogue books. Fascinating man. Used in Amblesides's curriculum. Goes for $70 on Amazon. Love it when I find it for less than a dollar. Someone had put it in the psych/sociology section.
'Art and Life in America' by Oliver Larkin. A Pulitzer Prize Winner for History
'The Peter Patter Book, Rimes for children' By Leroy F. Jackson Ill. by Blanche Fisher Wright Copyright 1918. Beautifully illustrated.
'Fly High, Fly Low' by Don Freeman. A fun story about Sid and Marge, two pigeons who stuck together through thick and thin
'A Newbery Christmas', Fourteen stories of Christmas by Newbery Award-winning authors. (I'll put this in our box of Christmas books along with 'The Little Fir Tree')
'Everglades' by Jean Craighead George, paintings by Wendell Minor. Jean Craighead George is a wonderful author and naturalist. She wrote 'My Side of the Mountain', 'Julie of the Wolves' and a number of picture books and nature stories for primary children. I grab her books when I see them, especially the ones for the younger children. You do have to pre-read her books designed for young adults as they are a little more nitty-gritty/romantic than I necessarily want to put in my children's hands. She is also a tree-hugger. She is an excellent author.
'A Year with the Birds' by Alice E. Ball. Copyright 1916. This book contains illustrations from Audobon's bird books. She has written a poem for each bird. She has the birds divided seasonally. Each season lists when the different birds are to be expected. This would be an excellent book for those that keep nature journals with their children.
The Adventures of TinTin -2 of them that we hadn't read before. by Herge ('The Castifiore Emerald' and 'Prisoners of the Sun') These are old books that have been reprinted. Grade School boys love these. Written comic book style.
Cherry Ames Books. I picked up seven different ones. This is a series about a nurse. Starts in her first year of nursing school and follows her through a number of different positions. Girl's really enjoy them. Written back in the 50's and 60's when these series were so popular.
'Christmas, All American Annual of Christmas Literature and Art', Over sized, soft cover, and beautiful. (Vol 40-50) Has anyone ever heard of these before?
I hope you have enjoyed my tour through some of my latest boxes of books.

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