Saturday, July 3, 2010

How Does a Sugar-holic get on the 'Wagon' ?

This post is in response to some of the questions asked in the comments of the previous sugar posts. I am a carboholic. I crave sugar like crazy. Once I start eating it, I have a hard time stopping. It is delicious. So how do I control my sugar intake? I don't keep it in the house. My husband had some health problems about twelve years ago and they motivated him to change his diet. He said he ate enough ice cream and candy in the first thirty-five years to last his entire life. He is therefore supportive. If you don't keep it in the house, when you want it you would have to work hard to go and get it. I can resist a car trip to the store a lot easier than a short walk to the cupboard or freezer. I also remind myself that sugar feeds cancer cells and that it can be a major factor in Alzheimer's. This usually motivates me enough to stay away from it. I really like having healthy children.

I have worked hard to teach the children the correlation between eating sugar and not feeling well. When they don't feel well, we look at what they have been eating. Invariably, they have been enjoying too many sweets somewhere. We do not use any artificial sweeteners. Most of them are neurotoxins that have harmful effects. Many of them have splendid ad campaigns, but most of it is bunk. Remember, If you talk to any one older than 60, they can tell you of the ads, from their youth, run by the cigarette manufacturers extolling the health benefits of cigarettes.
If you want to see a lot of good articles on the artificial sweeteners, check out Joe Mercola's site at He had an article today on the problems with Agave syrup.
We try and limit anything in the dessert line at our house. It seems the more you have, the more you want. That is another problem with the artificial sweeteners. It keeps that sweet tooth alive and well. It is kind of like giving an alcoholic 'near beer'. It is too close to real beer and the next thing they know their will-power has gone out the window and they are hitting the bottle. Sugar junkies need to stay away from sweets - Period! I know, you think you don't have a problem. Try giving it up for a couple weeks and see how easy it is. It does take three weeks to get through the sugar craving issue. While going through that stage, try eating crunchy things, like celery with peanut butter or half an apple and a piece of cheese.
This was on the table at the wedding we were at last Saturday. Every table had a big bowl (like about 12 oz.). Some tables ate every single one and others were more reasonable. Some people were cruising other tables looking for more. Honestly, I ate one. It was a green one.
Here is the truth. I LOVE chocolate. I have NOT given that up. I have just adjusted my tastes to like the really dark stuff. I have my own private stash. I only do 70% or more cocoa. I also try and limit myself to just occasional treats. I can make a chocolate bar last a couple weeks.
I try and stay away from desserts. If people bring them to our home, I serve it and then send it home with them. It can't stay in our house. I do not feel guilty throwing sugar away either.
Here is a funny story.... An older friend of ours thought that we were neglecting our children by not giving them sugar. He brought us a dozen chocolate eggs and put them in an egg carton. I took it with a smile and somehow it got put in the refrigerator with the other eggs. I go to an Amish farm and buy eggs in large quantities and then sell them to friends. A friend of ours bought several dozen, and got the chocolate ones in their pile. I got a funny phone call a couple days later. This friend wondered if this was my private stash. I told him honestly, "no, there weren't any missing, were there?" I told him to just throw them out, and I would give him some real eggs the next time I saw him. I take better care of my stash than that.
The key to getting rid of sugar, is to just do it! Your body will thank you for the rest of your life. If you fall off the wagon, and you probably will, just dust yourself off and try again.

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