Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Analysis

Today, I sat down and started planning our school for the summer. It is a quiet week, as Joan and Mr. Boots are at camp counselling. The summer is about 2/3 over. I decided to evaluate how we are doing in getting done the things I hoped to accomplish. It has been a good summer. A lot hotter than I hoped for, but good none the less. Here is what we have done...

We have gotten some outdoor fun in. We are working at making sure that Dallas gets a walk every day. The heat has made this a little harder.

We have made a couple family trips. We had the Memorial Day weekend trip to visit family in Wisconsin and the trip to Kentucky to the Creation Museum. We have been to the Rutherford B. Hays Library and Museum, and Fort Meigs. We are working on going on some other field trips in the next couple weeks. We are hoping to have some friends visit in the next couple weeks.

We have survived the three June birthdays and the June Family birthday party. We also saw the Eichs off to the Philippines in July.

VBS went well. It was a busy week, but we got through it without too much stress.

Our summer reading program has been a little spotty. We have averaged about 2.5 days of getting to our reading per week. We do 2 hours when we do it. The boys have both finished their Geometry (Hallelujah!). Michelle still has some math to do and Mr. Boots has to finish his Biology.

We went to two weddings, an Eagle Scout ceremony and a couple graduation parties. There has been two more engagements announced.

Our garden is doing splendidly!
We have had fresh slicing tomatoes almost every evening for supper the last couple weeks. They have been great. I have been getting lots of pesto made from the basil. We have been picking zucchini and green beans. We have swiss chard and the broccoli will be ready soon. Peppers and eggplant are setting on. We never did get any cukes planted. Oh Well. Our herb garden is doing great. We have replanted the lettuce and it will be ready in a few weeks. It is definitely saving on the food bill.

The children have been enjoying the neighbors pool on a pretty regular basis. They have also been spending a lot of time playing with Lego's. They have recently been designing new projects that they will enter into a Lego design contest. Some of the children are working on improving their typing skills. They are also anxious to spend time skyping and e-mailing their cousins in the Philippines. The younger boys have been reading or re-reading Tolkien's books. That is not included in our reading time. Next week will be VERY busy we plan to split about six cords of wood for the fireplace. I am hoping it won't be too hot.
I am pleased at what we have gotten accomplished. Still a lot to get done before autumn arrives. I haven't begun to put food away for the winter.

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