Tuesday, July 13, 2010

VBS 2010: The Egypt Files

This post is especially for our Filipino Readers.
(Pun intended)
This is the 41st VBS at our church. We welcome the children every day at the registration desk. My Mom, sister, and I are doing registration. Our VBS has always been free. Behind is the craft area.

The Pre-school class has 10 little ones. They have a puppet show along with other things every day for the children. This year they are using the window as the stage rather than building it in the room. It has worked really well.

The new director's wife seems to be everywhere. Making sure that everything is running smoothly. We have a slightly smaller school this year than last year. 79 children the first day and 74 today.

Each teacher is responsible for decorating their own area. This is the Pre-primary area. It is a smaller room, but they fit about 17 children in here. Joan is co-teaching in this group.

It has been warm, but the children seem calmer this year for some reason. The teachers have been commenting and appreciating about how well the children are listening.

The children always enjoy the crafts. Yesterday, they made a game out of clay and beads. Today, they made a picture frame to put their photo in. They used a CD (jewel) case.

The Primary class is a busy group. They are the second through fourth graders.

Mr. Boots and Michelle are helping here. Michelle is teaching the verse and Mr. Boots is doing the puppets and some other teaching. He is really enjoying it. Thomas is helping with the outside games.

They are serving the snack outside at the 'oasis' area. Everything is following the Egyptian theme. It is working nicely to have all the snacks outside. Less mess inside.

The Juniors is the largest group this year. The first day they had 30 children. There were a few missing today. Mrs. Nan, showed the children that simply mixing the ingredients for a cake in a bowl, shaking it up, does not result in a cake. The children are learning about the logical fallacies in evolution. The gospel is being presented clearly.
The VBS is going well. I have to admit, I keep thinking I hear my sister, Mir's voice. I keep turning to look and she's not there. It really makes me miss her, more than I ever thought I would.

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