Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can you Judge a Book by it's Cover?

How do you tell if an old book is a good book? That is a great question. Some are and some are not. How do you know? My dad gave me a hint that I have found to be reliable. His advice? "Look for the spider web inside the covers."

If I am at a book sale and think that a book is potentially one I want on my shelf, I open it up and if there is the spider web design there I buy it, Even if I don't know the author. I have found a lot of treasures that way. I have met some new book friends and authors this way.

I am not sure of the history of the spider web design. I know it was done by a specific binder and was used through the 1960's. It was around as early as the 1940's. Whoever selected books for this company did well.
Does anybody else know the history of the spider web design inside the cover?

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  1. I will never look at a spider web in the same way again :-) Thanks for the tip!