Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Another Country Adventure

My DH arranged for a neighbor to deliver a dump truck load of manure.

We debated awhile as to where to dump the dirt.  I was hoping to have it close to where the garden will be.  To save on carrying.  The driver walked the yard and decided that he could do it.  He knew if he went too far he would get stuck.

To a country gal, a dump truck full of manure can be very romantic!

Alas, the driver had gone too far and had gotten stuck.

We called Earl the Pearl, and as usual he came to our rescue right quick.  He brought a tractor to pull the dump truck out of the yard.  It turns out that Mike the truck driver and Earl knew each other.  Of course, in the country, most everybody knows each other.  By the time the truck was pulled out, Mike had bought Earl's other hay baler.

Paul raced off to the barn to get a big chain to attach the rope to the tractor.

The guys attached the rope.  It was really an old firehose, with the ends sewed into loops.

Everything was set and the tractor easily pulled the truck out.

Now our yard is decorated with dump truck tracks, and beautiful manure.

The driver dumped out the little bit that remained in the back on our other manure pile.  The chickens were happy to have a new buffet.  
Another country adventure successfully completed!

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