Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Week in Review

I know this doesn't look like the old white farmhouse.  That's because it's not!  We (My DH and I) spent most of the last week in Arizona.

It was the same week we spent in AZ last year.  My DH once more celebrated his birthday there. This year my cousin and his wife came over to my Aunt and Uncle's house and we had a steak fry and a wonderful meal!

My DH looks about 10 years younger when he is rested.  My aunt and Uncle spoil us so wonderfully while we are there.  Breakfast was Steak and eggs with lots of fresh berries, fresh avocados and tomatoes and bagels with cream cheese, fresh from Chompie's Bakery that morning.  I don't know how you top that!!!

How can you help but get rested when this is where you hang out.  The pool was still a cool 70 degrees, but I was able to get in and exercise once I gradually got used to the cold water.

Here is my DH, Uncle Mose, (He asked for a cool blog name and this is what we decided on), and my Aunt!  Our trip out was eventful - We arrived a little after 2 AM AZ time instead of 8 PM.  Yawn.  United had plane issues and had to fly another one in from Tampa.  My patients kept in touch and called early and often. They called at 8 AM which was only 5 AM AZ time. It took me awhile to get caught up on my sleep.

We drove out to McNeal AZ for my DH's Dad's memorial service.  It was a special family time.  It was nice to have the service where he and Mom served and lived for most of the last 20 years, until health problems forced them to move in with family.  This is the view from mission looking towards the mountains.

Rona, Steve, and my DH

Friday evening we worked on organizing and planning the service.  There was about three times the material available than there was time for a reasonable length service.

There were three children and their spouses and one grandchild there from the family.  Nobody is local.  It was good to get together.

Saturday morning we had a graveside service. (See previous post.)

We all remembered Dad's diligence at sticking to a task as we surveyed the triple row of pines that lines the front of the mission.  It is over a half mile long.  Dad organized and did much of the planting of those trees many years ago.

The memorial service was in the afternoon.  Many people were there from the mission and community.  This is a very isolated location and the town is not really even a crossroads.  You don't want to buy land in McNeal as you will never be able to sell it. You are there for life.  It is near (20 miles) both the infamous Tombstone, AZ and the Mexican boarder.  There were about 60 people at the service.  It was videotaped, and will be available for viewing at a later date.

Uncle Mose giving his royal style wave.

We said good-bye to our Phoenix family and got on a plane for an uneventful flight home.

We arrived just in time to rush over to church for the AWANA closing program.  Paul gave a paint board gospel message to the families.  He did a lovely job.

Michelle can usually be found either with a baby in her arms or in the kitchen!  Here she is with Liam.

Tuesday morning very early (for me) T-Bob and Joan got on a plane to fly to the Philippines to visit my sister and her family who are missionaries there.   Here they are just before they left.  They were warned that the plane gets cold so they should dress warm.  T-Bob's visit was a surprise to the cousin's and it was complete and successful!!!

Here is a picture of the farm, just after they left.  The mist was rising from the trees and the sun was rising.  So pretty!

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