Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tuldok Bola

What do you play outdoors in 100 degree weather when your only options are a badminton set and a basketball?  We didn't have a basketball hoop and weren't excited about making one, and badminton was getting old.  The driveway is a steep incline with a gate at the bottom.  The small yard is full of beautiful trees, a pavilion, many small fish ponds, stepping stones, and other obstacles.  So we brainstormed.   

The result....
Tuldok Bola

A new game! Using chalk we made circles for the "targets". Blue is 100 points, green 75, purple 50, and pink 25. The goal is to earn as many points as possible. You earn points by hitting the targets. You can also lose points by either not catching the ball or throwing the ball into the thorn bushes. (This was in order to save Fred's basketball from popping.) 


The game involves 5 rounds with 3 rotations for each round.  The first rotation is shooting the ball and trying to get as many points as possible in your 5 shots.  The second is keeping score and judging whether or not the ball hit the target or if the puff of dust was just from the dust covering the driveway. (That's what happens when it hasn't rained in weeks.) The final rotation is catching the ball and also judging whether or not the ball hit the target.

Keeping score (Rotation 2)
Ready to catch the ball (Rotation 3)

Will he make it?

Adding up the scores...
The results!

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