Friday, May 9, 2014

Sojourner's Homestead

If you are in the Southeast corner of Arizona, there is a lovely bed and breakfast with lots of character in between Douglas and Tombstone. It is near Karchner's Caverns and not too distant from New Mexico.  It is in the town of McNeal, Arizona.  It is very quaint and allows you to experience that 'Old West 'feeling.

There is a dry fountain with flowers and an old shop.  It has a room or two for guests in the shop.  I feel like I am back in the old west when I am there.  The metal hinges squeak from the dryness. There are large balls of tumble weed blowing around.

Here is the house where most guests stay.  They have three guest rooms that are decorated in an eclectic old west style.  The two rooms that have queen beds also have private baths.  One has a shower and the other has a hot tub.  The rooms are very comfortable but on the small side.

Your hosts are Terri and Ken and they are very friendly. They are quick to provide any of their guests requests.  They always have hot and cold beverages available and allow the guests to store things in the refrigerator.

You know your eggs are fresh at breakfast as the chickens are free ranging around in the back yard.  Terri gathers them everyday.  They use the gray water to provide for their chickens and to keep some green stuff growing in the yard.

There is a beautiful view of the mountains from the porch.  You can see for miles. It is very relaxing and quiet here.  This would be a great place to come and write a book, especially if it had a western theme.  The price to stay here is very reasonable.

This would also make a great spot for photography.  I would love to do a photo shoot here.  With the right outfit it would be amazing.

The sky is such a beautiful blue. 

The mornings are cool.  It was about 65 here at 8 AM in the morning. There was a lovely breeze.  It is much cooler here than in the valley where Phoenix is.

 The food is well prepared and very yummy!  Terri will fix pretty much anything you want on her menu and as much as you want.  She is very happy to accommodate to any allergies or food issues.

This is the sunset as we were leaving. If you are heading out west and are in southern Arizona then give Terri and Ken a call at 1-520-642-3579. Or look them up at

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