Saturday, May 24, 2014

Geometry Marathon

T-Bob worked very diligently to get all his school work done before we left.   He had a lot crammed into a shorter period of time since he had gotten a later start.   He was successful in every subject, except geometry, which fell to the wayside.   We had no plans to bring it with us, until after packing everything we could think of, we still had room!  So the "strongly disliked" textbook came along.

After considering his options (tutors with time to assist him here vs. a very full schedule when we get home), he decided so set a high goal for himself,  to finish his geometry before leaving the Phillipines.   After counting his lessons he decided that if he did three lessons per school day he could finish.  So he began.

Kitty and I share the load of helping him understand new concepts and making sure he understands the logic of proofs, every geometry student's favorite.

Last week he successfully did 15 lessons! 

"This is the strategy for this proof..."

This week T-Bob is on course to finish as many or more lessons.

Nobody likes correcting problems you got wrong!

The finish line (for today) is in sight!

We had a slight interruption when this insect landed on the answer key.  I'm not sure what it was.  Underneath the almost sheer wings, the body looked like a cross between an inch worm and a slug.
Not nearly as exciting as the two inch flying cockroach that interrupted our dinner last night, but this very small insect did distract us for a few minutes.  Insects and other small creatures are part of living near the equator.

Correcting the last couple problems.

The marathon continues.  It hasn't been as difficult these past two weeks because school is still in session, but come the end of next week T-Bob will be the lone student.  Please pray for perseverance for him and patience for those tutoring!  And wisdom to know when enough is enough!  Thank you!


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