Monday, August 10, 2009

The Cousin's Theatrical Production

The cousins are having a blast working on a major film presentation. Backyard Productions is making a film that features Indiana Jones taking on a ninja and some assassins. There is also a mysterious tapestry. That's all I can say without giving the plot away. T-Bob is Indiana Jones. I am not exactly sure who Emily is. Note the fancy backdrop. As you note their costumes, reallize that the temp has been around 90 degrees the last couple days. Yes, T-Bob is wearing a winter coat.
Elizabeth and Brenna are the assassins. They tried to get Dallas to join in, but he kept wanting to chew on the wrong thing. You don't want to mess with these girls.

Thomas is the Ninja. He wears the down jacket and the winter face mask with the towel over it. Not quite sure how he stands the high heat in that outfit. Maybe it keeps the heat out. Silly Boy!!

The bad guys stop a moment to pose for a picture before they attack.

WAIT!! An assassin has to have their face darkened so they are not easily visible. What would this enterprising film crew come up with to use?!! Let's see if cocoa powder from the kitchen will do the trick. Elizabeth, you go first.

NAhhh! It just doesn't stick well enough. We might get in trouble if this stuff stains too. Don't want to upset the laundry lady.

Dallas used to be a black lab, but after the make-up crew got through, he was a chocolate lab. He made the mistake of standing beside Elizabeth as Michelle did her work.

Here's the crew getting ready to start filming. If they get it finished well enough I might post the final production- as long as it is not too lengthy.

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