Friday, August 7, 2009

Wedding Musicians

Joan and Mr Boots got asked to play for a friend's wedding. The wedding was this evening down at the Yacht Club. It was beautiful. However, JoAn and Mr. Boots spent last week at camp and not working on the music. In fact, they did not get their music until Tuesday night. It has been a mad rush to learn the music and get it together. Did I mention that JoAn has switched to piano and hasn't practiced the violin for a couple months? The pressure was on! I thoroughly enjoyed their practice. They played hymn after hymn together as well as the traditional wedding music. It brought back so many memories of our wedding day. I was feeling emotionally sappy all week, and then I reallized it was from the music. It is amazing how music affects our emotions.
Last night was the rehearsal. They did well. It was a very rough rehearsal, as the place where the wedding was to take place was occupied. They did the rehearsal in the picnic pavillion. We guessed at timing and spacing.

Tonight was the ceremony. Did I mention that Dear Hubby performed the ceremony? He got out his 'marrying and burying' suit and was all set.

The musicians were in place and the ceremony went off well. There were a few blips, but nothing that affected the ceremony. I felt like we got a little bit of return on all the music lessons we have paid for over the years. It was a beautiful summer evening and a cool breeze came off the lake. What a lovely evening.

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