Saturday, August 8, 2009

Flowers in our Yard

We do much better with vegetables than flowers in our yard. Our black-eyed susans are in full bloom. The Lilies are past their prime so I didn't try and photograph them. We try and keep some flowers mixed in with the veggies, so as to keep it looking nice and not just like a green jungle.

We have hostas that are growing like weeds. They spring up like weeds all over. I am constantly pulling them out like weeds. If anyone would like some of this basic variety of hosta, let me know. I have more to get rid of. In our shade garden we have some fancier varieties of hostas, but they don't spread like wildfire. They do fill in with green anywhere. and in the midsummer they send up this pretty spike of purple flowers.

We keep the marigolds around the perimeter and corners of our vegetable garden. The bugs seem to really be chewing on them prodigiously this year, but they persevere with their golden flowers. They also suffer from a lack of sun in the tomato bed, as the tomatoes reach to the sky and steal the sunlight. Oh well.

The backyard has some other flowers in the shade garden. I have lots of dianthus and some astilbe. Some other time I will talk about the shade garden.

Incidentally, I will be having a contest soon to see who can figure out which herbs are which from the garden. There will be a prize also. Keep posted.


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