Saturday, August 1, 2009


Our garden is doing well this year. The rain has come at just the right time and so we haven't had to water. We have added a lot to our soil, and as you can see, we use the square foot gardening method. The tallest and the most productive plants are the golden cherry tomatoes. Last year they grew to about 14 feet.

These are the golden cherry tomatoes. They are super sweet and delicious. I love to go out and pick some, to eat out of hand, several times a day.

Our Italian tomatoes are doing really well. They are just starting to ripen. We like to cook with these.

These are the big boys. They are really huge. The weather has been really cool this summer and so the tomatoes have been slow to turn red. Tomatoes need warm nights in order to ripen. We are looking forward to having nice slicer tomatoes. They are great with some fresh basil and feta cheese, or just sliced on a sandwich. Yum, Yum.
We will give a further tour of our little garden another post.

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