Sunday, August 23, 2009

EBC Reunion

While at Greenwood Hills Camp, we had a mini-EBC reunion. Dear Hubby and I met there in the fall of 1981. We have now been married for 21 years. EBC has an alumni website and many people keep in touch and meet there. Martain and Kim actually met on line there. They didn't attend school at the same time. They were married a year ago and are expecting a little one in about 5 weeks. They live on the grounds at Greenwood Hills. They invited all the alumni and their families over for root beer floats and good conversation. We had a blessed time.

Some of the ladies and one guy who keep on the website made blocks for this quilt. Dottie V. and her mom pieced it together and brought it to Martain and Kimmie as a wedding present. It really came out lovely. I didn't get a close up, but it was beautiful.

Dottie and her husband Alan were there with their two children Caleb and Rachel. Dottie was at EBC after 1983.

This is Carol T., also known as Mrs. Potato Head. She and her family were kind (crazy) enough to host us for a week last year when we went to Washington DC. It was really nice to see her again and her twins Joel and Lily.

Thanks Martain and Kim for a grand time.

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