Saturday, August 29, 2009

Green Mob strikes Again

We stopped at a rest area along the Pennsylvania turnpike coming home from our vacation. This sign greeted us at the Stop. These reserved spots are right next to the handicapped spots. We did find a spot right next to them. We had no idea that Pennsylvania was so PC. We did appreciate a few of the other features at this rest area though. They had a farmer's market (with real farmers) right there under a tent. They also had a Mommy and Me stall in the bathroom. I laughed when I saw it and I would have taken a picture, but I thought that was a little weird. There was a bigger sized stall with two toilets in it. One a full sized toilet and then a small one. Probably only 12 " high with a special seat as well. I had never heard of this before. Has this been around and I missed it? Are they other places? It was very handy.

I think one of the reasons the car thing bugged us is that we think we are more efficient in our big van with eight of us traveling in it than the person driving alone in a LEFEV. If you divide the MPG or energy required per mile per person I think we would be more efficient. Oh well, since when did common sense count for anything.

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  1. they have those kind of potties at westlake library. i have also seen them at a dept store i think. they are usually in the ones called "family restrooms."