Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Children's Surprises

What would you think if you came into your kitchen and saw the above sign on your oven?
Would you wonder what was wrong with your oven? Had one of the children broken it? If your children are anything like mine, I suggest you carefully open the door and see what is in it.

I opened mine and found a jar with some baby mice in it. EEEEeewww! I hate mice! Alas, Dallas the dog had disturbed a mouse nest and had made a snack of several, before his tenderhearted owner, Michelle, found them and rescued two. She wanted to see if she could keep them alive. She thought they looked cold and so she turned the oven on for a minute and then opened the door a bit and put the jar in there for the night.

We do have mice occasionally in this old farmhouse. We set traps and get rid of them ASAP! We actually have not had any in the house since we got our dog. The good/bad news, depending on your perspective, is that the mice died after 2 days. They seemed to do OK when she fed them raw cows milk mixed with fresh aloe vera, but when she switched to a commercial aloe vera salve, they couldn't handle it.
I honestly did not grieve at all for the little critters. Not sure what Michelle would have wanted to do with them if they had lived. I don't think she cried over them either. I think she saw it more as a science project.
The sign is gone off the oven. Now I can use the oven without fear- at least for a little while.

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  1. Ewwww! KIDS!!! I do not like mice either. Ewwww.

    On a side topic, I just found a place within walking distance that supposedly sells raw milk. California is the best when it comes to legislation about these things.