Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Update

The Lone Azalea bush in the front yard is blooming well.
I just want to give a quick update on how our summer plans are going. I got a lot of grief when I told the children that they would be 'unplugged' for the summer and instead would be reading. I didn't let it bother me though. If I am too popular with the children, I figure I must not be doing something right. :-) I have given them a little freedom to choose their own books, as long as they meet with my approval. They are to be in the following categories: Classical Fiction, devotional, biography, nature/science, music/art. We pray together and then I have them read from 9:30-11:30, 3 mornings a week. They only have to read a book for thirty minutes. They switch by the clock. If they only have three books going they can read one of them for an hour. I am joining them. It is like my dream summer activity. It is fun hearing Elizabeth sound out words and read her books. She has decided she likes Lois Lenski and her 'Mr. Small' series. Mr. Boots is reading a book on the emergent church, a book by Ravi Zaccharias, A textbook on small motors, and the "Autobiography of Private York" There is also an old black and white movie of the Alvin York story which we have really enjoyed as a family. Michelle is reading A novel by Christmas Carol Kauffman, about some Christians in Yugoslavia who had to eventually escape to the US to avoid persecution, called "Hidden Rainbow". She is also working on Susan Bauer's Textbook of Ancient History. JoAn was also able to join us. It is so quiet and peaceful in the library as we all sit and read. T-Bob and Thomas have both decided they like this program. They said that they are often bored in the summer and this makes two hours in the morning go really fast. Oh Yes, I am reading "Norms and Nobility" by David Hicks, I will post on that again soon. I am pre-reading several books for the children that I want to assign, but wasn't sure about. I am also reading "Deperate Housewives, Passionate about God". I am planning on re-reading the book on the emergent church, a couple nutritional textbooks, some other books I picked up at the book sale, and maybe a mystery or two. I will report on some of my finds.
The children who didn't finish their math or science are also having to spend and hour every day on each. They aren't as excited about that.
I am a little frustrated that we didn't get to some of the fun stuff on the list, but I can report that I did play catch with T-Bob, and spent more time reading to Elizabeth. We had some extra time on a family outing on Tuesday night. We didn't get to play any games. I need to work on that.

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