Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Elizabeth is doing great with her reading. She is managing quite well with her level 2 STEP books. This is a great relief to mom. I always feel that we have really accomplished something when one of our scholars takes off with their reading.

Our friend Lily is finally starting to show some good progress with her bone healing in her leg. The growth plate also seems to be staying open since the last surgery. This is great news. We are praying that she would be able to walk independently real soon.
(If you are new around here, Lily was struck by a big ATV and pinned to a tree in October. She had a number of severe injuries, but is recovered well except for her leg/foot. She is 10 years old)

Mr Boots sold his big commercial Scag mower last week. He was able to sell it for a little more than he paid for it, even after using it for a year. This was a real blessing! He is out of the lawn cutting business, although he does seem to be busy with mulching and yard clean up still. He can manage that with just a bicycle though. He has a good reputation as a hard worker, so people still want his services. We collected another big oak tree to add to our 'to be split for firewood pile' after a big wind storm on Friday. Mr. Boots will be a busy man this summer.

Our friend Angie is recovering well from her tongue cancer and radiation. Please keep praying that it would be totally gone. We are rejoicing that she has finally gotten the feeding tube out.

My nephew Joshua kneed himself in the head while jumping on a trampoline. What a shiner! Michelle dropped a log on her little toe and broke it. The joys of being alive!
Trust you all are doing well. Thanks for reading!

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