Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Versatile Blog Award

Our friend Kathy gave us The Versatile Blog Award. She had a real nice button, but I am such a technical illiterate, I can't figure out how to move it over here. I never got a blog award before. Thanks Kathy!
A part of this award is to share seven things about ourselves that you might not know...
1. I am a chiropractic physician and nutritionist who only practices 2 short afternoons a week..
2. My DH and I have been married for 22 years as of this summer. It really does just keep getting better.
3. Our children are NOT perfect, but they are generally pleasant to be around.
4. Our family eats HUGE amounts of food. When we go to someone's house for dinner I have to scope out the kitchen and let the children know whether they should eat a dinner or a snack sized portion. Despite all that food, they are as skinny as fence posts.
5. We spend 2 out of 3 Fridays down in Amish country. I have a lot of patients there as well as picking up our healthy farm eggs and herd share milk. We have lots of friends who are Amish.
6. The children wish we would live in the country and have lots of animals, but we are where God wants us to be right now.
7. We have a very large library of children's books (4,000+ volumes) and I am still shopping for more. My maiden name was Reader. I have lived up to that name. My husband supports my hobby/addiction.

Thanks again Kathy and I hope those who came over from her blog enjoy getting to know us.
Incidentally, the kittens in the photo on top are not ours, they belong to an Amish farmer we know, and got captured in one of Michelle's photo shoots.

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