Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day and Mom's 70th Party

WARNING: If you don't know my family, this post will be pretty boring! ;-)

My Mom's birthday is May 19th. We usually combine Mother's Day with Mom's birthday. We have gotten to the point that we try and keep family birthday dinners to just once a month. At this point in our lives, family schedules are so full that it is hard to find dates that work for everybody. Now we just have monthly parties for birthdays. In June, there are five birthdays plus father's day. We just keep things simple.

This year is Mom's 70th Birthday! We are so blessed to have Mom around. She is always there to pitch in when we ask her. She is a real encouragement to many people. She has been a wonderful example of faithfulness. She has been a good friend to many people. She has really grown in her faith through the years. I love that about her. I am truly blessed to have had such a good Mom to love me and be an example to me. Thanks Mom! I hope you are around for a long time still!

My sister made an amazing cake, and yes, on such an august occasion, I had a small piece. It was a white cake with almond flavoring. The layers were separated by a raspberry filling. It was covered in whipped cream. Those are large blackberries on top and toasted almonds on the side. It was very yummy!

Most of us had a big meal for Sunday dinner, so we switched things up and just did appetizers and a dessert for the evening repast. It was delicious, and a lot less work than some meals. Everybody just brought 2 or 3 different things. It was really nice.

I really like this picture of my DH. This is a picture of him relaxing on the couch before 'dinner'.

My Dad was enjoying spending some time with his youngest grandchild, Sadie.
It was a lovely day!

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