Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Michelle's Quillting

I am really proud of Michelle and the hard work she has put into this project. It is her first quilt. She put it together for our dear friends Davis and Christina's little daughter, Sophia Grace.

She also made a soft car blanket and appliqued a heart on it. This was her first attempt at appliqueing also.

She stitched Sophia's name in the middle, and then machine quilted (stitch-in-the-ditch fashion, except for the center, where she did sew in a couple hearts) the rest.

She made a coordinating pillow. She also figured out how to do the satin binding. It came out great. She got the help she needed from my sister and another family friend.
I am not a seamstress. In 'my salad days, when I was young and green' I tried to sew by doing some mending. I ended up with the needle through my finger and stuck all the way through the nail. I ended up having to go to the hospital and having it removed. For some reason, ever since then, I have been very nervous and cautious around sewing machines. As a homeschool mom I have tried very hard NOT to pass my fears along so that I limit my children's opportunities. I am happy to report that I have been victorious in at least this sewing area. It helps that I am married to a man who always encourages the children to do real work with real tools. He has no fear re trying things, so they don't either. We have taught them to use knives safely and hammers. My DH gave Mr. Boots a cordless drill for his forth birthday. He had him bring it along to use it when he worked with him on jobs. Today, Mr. Boots does all the maintainence on DH's tools and repairs motors and machinery. We are working hard at raising competent adults.
What skills are you working on training your children to do that you don't or won't do? What skills are you trying to teach them?

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  1. Beautiful work on the quilt! What a thoughtful baby gift and one that will be treasured forever :)

    I can't think of any skills that I can't or won't do that I am teaching the boys - that's something that will probably become evident over the passage of time :)
    However it is their job to pick up shoes that end up around the house (for some reason shoes are one of our biggest messes!! The boys love playing with them.) I won't clean the shoes up myself since it's their job.