Friday, May 21, 2010

Junior Date Night

Our son Thomas, gave me three coupons good for a date night for Christmas. I love it!

Last Friday night my DH was out of town, so Thomas and I decided it was a good opportunity to sneak away for our 'date'.

It was a lovely night and so we went to 'Five Guys' and picked up burgers for dinner and took them down to the lake.

Thomas is a charming conversationalist so it is always pleasant chatting with him. We watched the birds fly through the trees and listened to their calls. We observed the people walking their dogs and decided who had a dominant dog, and who ruled their pack well (from things we learned from Cesar Milan videos and books). We had had a late start on our date due to the extensive sour kraut project, so it was nearing sunset when we finished.

We walked down to the beach and watched the gentle waves against the sand, took pictures, and watched the sunset.

It was a beautiful evening.
Have you ever read the book 'The Five Love Languages'? I found that book really helpful in understanding our marriage and its occasional challenges and in raising our children. It is fun to identify the children's primary love language. Then you can speak love to them in a language they understand. Is there any doubt that Thomas's love language is 'quality time'? You betcha. It really works that mine is that as well. I would say that within our six children that at least four of the languages are represented. I am not sure what Elizabeth's is yet. The rest I know. I am conscious of them as I try and make sure they all feel loved and accepted in our family.
Can you identify your children's love languages?
1. Words of affirmation
2. Quality time
3. Acts of service
4. Physical Affection
5. Giving Gifts
How they show love is usually how they feel loved. Just something to think about.


  1. aww, thomas is such a cutie, er, i mean handsome young man. he looks like a charming former ring bearer. ha ha.

  2. that smile is gonna steal some lady's heart for sure!