Sunday, May 9, 2010

Favorite Spring FLowers

I love the smell of Lilies of the valley. When I was growing up we had a large spread of them beside our house and I loved their sweet smell. I am so glad they grow well in the shade. That means they thrive as a late spring flower in our yard.

These are bleeding hearts. I only met these flowers as an adult. They look so neat and tidy and they really do look like hearts. I had to have some for the side yard. I wouldn't mind having a couple more of these in other places in the yard. There is a way to start some new ones from an established plant. Can someone tell me how?

Lilacs always remind me of my Grandparents. It makes me miss them both, but I like remembering them. They had a number of large lilacs in their yard of many shades of violet to white. They smell so heavenly when they are in bloom. They also look nice in a vase.

Grape hyacinths are a late spring flower that grows most anywhere. I like their neat attire.
Isn't God's creativity amazing, as it is demonstrated in His creation?
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's!!

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