Monday, May 17, 2010

Traveling in the South West Part 2

After lunch Grandpa and Daddy read, dozed, finished up projects, or toured the mission base to see what was new there.

After taking a nap, Grandma and I took a walk around the block. On one of our walks I told her I had recently read a biography about A.W. Tozer. She then told me that she regularly listened to him when he was on the radio. That was interesting, but then she said that she had disagreed with him on a certain topic and had written him a letter. Mr.Tozer wrote her back. He discussed the issue and closed with "Please pray for me." I thought that was neat. I wasn't able to read the letter, because it is at one of my aunt's homes, who we'll be visiting soon. Grandma gave me permission to track it down and read it, so I will. :) I have enjoyed learning about my grandparents history and how they interacted with now famous people.
After our walk on Monday Grandma and I spent some time looking at Colossians. It wasn't all Bible study though. Grandma opened up and shared some things about how she has grown spiritually through out the years. What a privilege!
While we were exercising our legs, the men exercised their minds. It was good for Daddy to have some down time to sit and read.

Suppertime! At this meal I listened as these three reminisced about my Dad's growing up years.
I am learning to play the hymns on the piano. I enjoyed practicing and they enjoyed listening.
This picture represents the best time of the day. We would all pray and share a passage of Scripture. Then we would sing. It was a sweet time of bringing our requests and thanksgivings before the throne of grace as well as learning or being reminded of God's truth. (Which is the only truth and absolute standard.)
I am so thankful that God has given me godly parents and godly grandparents on both sides. They have trained me by word and example. May God be glorified!

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  1. Thank you for blogging! It is fun to see what is going on aroung your house :) P.S.I would love to go to Arizona!