Thursday, May 20, 2010

School's Out For the Summer!!!!

I am really excited! This is the earliest that we have finished a school year. This is the first time we have been done in May. We did not take a spring break this year in order to speed our progress. It has paid off. Yippee! I know the teacher is not supposed to be this excited, it is the students who are supposed to be rejoicing. Too bad, I'm glad! I really do enjoy home educating, it is just that now I feel we can get to the fun stuff! The things that we didn't have time for during the year. I bought a bunch of specimens to dissect. I am hoping to get some more board games played. Some hikes at the local parks, maybe a little swimming, I have a whole list. I want some time so that I can get back to learning to play the piano and boost my exercising. I am planning to have the children spend 2 hours a day reading. I am going to read with them. You wouldn't believe how tall my pile of books that I want to read is. Actually if the truth were told, it is no longer a single pile, but is composed of multiple piles stacked beside my bed that are higher than the bed. We have a high bed, too. If I knock them over it is a BIG mess. I want to read a book when I am not so tired that I can barely keep my eyes open. I love learning and I haven't gotten enough of it lately. I am even thinking of how to work in some art lessons, maybe have some of the children get back to their violins. I have so many plans for the summer. A week at camp, a bunch of weddings and graduations. I want the quiet too. I want the children to remember how to play together without needing a battery or an electric cord. I would like us to have quiet time and family time. I want it to be a summer of blessed memories. Yes, to experience the gentle art of learning. I want a few more picnics at the beach and watching the sunset with the children.

Did I mention that one of the local universities has their BIIIIG book sale on Saturday? It is usually a great sale with lots of donated books and wonderful things to add to our family library. I will share next week about what treasures I found. I love book sales, and this one is my favorite.
Trust you all are enjoying an equally blessed week!

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