Monday, June 7, 2010

200th Blog Post

This is the 200th blog post we've done. WOW! I look back over the last 10 months or so that we have been doing this and it has definitely evolved. We have people reading it now that I have never met. That is kind of cool. I appreciate you all. This blog started as a way to let out of town family know what the children currently look like and what they are doing. It has become more as other people asked questions or wanted to know things.
I am curious what topics you find interesting on our blog. I would like to write more about education, I have learned a bunch of things about nutrition I would like to write about. I am continuing to read 'Norms and Nobility' This blog is about the things I and the children care about and think about during the day.

What would you like to read more about:
Family News
Children's Books (Authors and Reviews)
Adult Books
Educational Philosophy
Pictorial How Tos
Inspiring People
Leave us a comment and we will see where this blog grows.
Thanks again for reading and leaving a comment.
(The above turtle was rescued from the road while we were on our Wisconsin vacation.)


  1. you got such a beautiful family!!!!
    i love your blog. you always have interesting and nourishing things/topics to share about.

  2. Honestly I love everything you share but would love to hear more about nutrition, homeschooling and gardening. =)