Thursday, June 17, 2010

A New Eagle Graduates

DJ is one of my favorite high school aged friends. We are friends on Facebook and IRL (In real Life - for you non-texter/blogger people). I have known him since he was a baby. I am really enjoying watching him grow to manhood.

This past Saturday DJ had his Eagle Scout Ceremony. His two younger brothers served as his scout color guard escort. The Boy Scouts have really done a good job of sticking with their original ideals. They still train boys to be men. The Eagle Ceremony had a review of the scout's laws and what they mean.

You got to love this guy's grin. He is really friendly and diligent. The more you know him the more you appreciate him. He is a hard worker. He has been dealt a lot of life lessons in his teens that most young men never think about. He has had to face his own mortality through several serious health issues. He has had to wrestle with disappointment and frustration at some of the limitations they put on his life. He struggles, and then the grace of God shines through, and once again that grin beams across his face.

Behind every Eagle Scout there are supportive parents. It is not something you do by yourself. It takes a team to launch an Eagle. DJ's parents have done a great job in raising him. They have sought out opportunities for him and they research everything. They are very diligent parents!

DJ finished up the ceremony by giving a nice speech expressing his appreciation for his parents and the others who had helped and encouraged him along the way. I appreciate when people realize that they are where they are because of God, family, and friends, and not just because they are so wonderful. Humility is a wonderful characteristic.

That evening DJ had his high school graduation. It was a totally neat home school graduation.

Each parent presented their graduate with a diploma, as well as having a letter read to their graduate expressing their thoughts at this time. They were very moving.

The ceremony finished with each of the parents quietly praying for and with their child.

Each of their church families was represented in the ceremony. My DH closed in prayer.
If you think of it, pray for DJ and his family. They are making a lot of decisions re his future schooling and career plans in the next couple weeks. Pray that God will give them wisdom and peace. They would appreciate it.

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