Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Give away - Square Foot Gardening

We would like to welcome some of our new readers with a give away. If you leave a comment you will be entered to receive a copy of Square Foot Gardening. This is the method we have found most useful in gardening in our little lot. It is the most productive per square foot and requires the least amount of time tending that we have found. This book will give lots of advice on how to prepare the beds and what to plant where. We regularly consult it as we plan our garden.
The winner will be randomly selected. This give away closes at 5 PM EST on Saturday June 5th.

"A garden is never so good as it will be next year."
Thomas Cooper
Horticulture Magazine (January 1993)


  1. We planted a small garden this year using this method, and I have so much to learn! This book would be a fantastic resource for us. We love seeing those seeds growing.

  2. oohhhh! Would love to win this! We are just getting started with gardening but would love to do more.

  3. Would love to win this book! I've only been gardening myself for a few years now.