Sunday, June 27, 2010

Five Year Old Funnies

Elizabeth is definitely a child of the computer age.
This evening, I was giving Mr. Boots a Chiropractic adjustment. My Chiropractic table goes up and down and Elizabeth loves to ride up and down on it. (Trust me, it is not very exciting!) I had the table all the way up while working on Mr. Boots and Elizabeth wanted to ride down with him. She asked me to let her know "when I was going to scroll him down." When we all chuckled, she tried to correct herself and asked me to let her know "when I was going to 'put him down'." That got a bigger laugh, as I informed her that I was planning to keep him around. She didn't know the veterinarian meaning of 'putting something down."
Having a five year old around does keep you smiling.

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