Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Weekend Trip with the Mangos

This post is dedicated to my MIL, Joan.
We went out of town for Memorial Day. Travelled over 600 miles to NW Wisconsin. We left Friday morning at 6:30 AM after a late night of packing and getting ready. We had a good trip.

Our venture took us through downtown Chicago as we followed I-90. We got in at supper time.

After breakfast Saturday morning we went to a farmer's market and then to a park to climb on the rocks. Some of the children enjoyed watching. (Sofie)

The men found a 'soft' rock and stretched out for their early afternoon naps.

Mr. Boots, here wearing tennis shoes, enjoyed climbing crevasses. Made mom a little nervous.

Later in the afternoon, Lily happily shared her scooters and skates with her cousins.

The city park was only 3 blocks away. The children spent a lot of time there, playing together.

Mr. Boots and Dad spent a lot of time just sitting at the park waiting for a tennis court to open.

Everybody took turns holding Josef. He is a delightful little guy and he had smiles for everyone.

The children filled the hot afternoons (the temp was in the upper 80's, low 90's) with quiet games of Othello...

and checkers.
(Elizabeth won this game, with a little help from T-Bob)

Elizabeth and Charlotte had a grand time playing in the sprinkler. I think almost everyone took a turn at getting wet, just to cool off.

Sunday we went to church together.
The afternoon was spent resting, reading, biking, baking rhubarb pies, and a little water play.
The evening was a treat. The adults went out to dinner to the Co-op restaurant and had a delicious quiet meal while ALL the children (including Josef) stayed home. It was lovely. We took a brief spin down by the Mississippi river after dinner.

At home, the children made themselves pancakes for supper, played at the park and then watched an old silent movie .

Monday morning, being Memorial Day, saw us getting up and going to the parade. Guy and I went with the children. The parade started at 9 AM. That was early compared to our parade back home.

One unique thing they had in their parade, was a large group of Laos veterans. I hadn't heard their story before. I will tell it in another post. They wore beautiful traditional outfits.

When we returned home the children went back to playing Lego's, Fischer Price play sets, and reading.

Monday evening, we got together with some friends from church and had a big kickball game.
This is a family tradition that was started by my FIL Bill. All family gatherings must include a kickball game.
Tuesday morning we left LaCrosse and headed to Naperville where another of my DH sister's lives. We got there about 12:30. We had a nice visit, and they fixed us a tasty cookout. Debbie makes wonderful potato salad. Dan grilled the burgers and brats for us. It was a nice chance for the cousins to get together. The children went to a park to play, despite the heat.
Thomas had a good time at the park.

The four girl cousins had a chance to visit, and get their picture taken.
We left Chicago at 5:30 and arrived home at 12:30 AM.
It was a nice trip. It was good to visit with family and enjoy a change of pace.
Now we just need to get rested!

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  1. Love this post!
    I haven't played Othello in YEARS! I'm going to have to fing a game and teach my girls!
    We have a large Laos population in the city tow hours from us. My good friend Andrew pastors a Mennonite church with a large Loation congregation. (they have their own pastor but Andrew is still involved)
    So glad you had a nice get away. It's always nice to come home after the chaos of a time away though!
    Enjoy the month of June!