Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Creation Museum

June has been a busy month for us. We have had weddings, graduations, a going away party and 3 birthdays. I am probably forgetting some other things as well. This past weekend we were in Cincinnati for a wedding and took the opportunity to see the Creation Museum. It was worth the time. We were blessed to have passes given to us. Otherwise, it is pretty expensive.

The museum is pretty interactive. They start you out with a movie, "Men in White" which is a satire that sets up the purpose and vision of the museum. It is a special effects theatre and you need to be prepared for a few surprises.

The museum is organized according to the 7 C's of history. There are a lot of cases of interesting fossil exhibits outside the main hall.

The museum is very even handed in explaining how reasonable people can look at the data and can come up with two totally different explanations depending on their world view. Recently a group of 250 atheistic scientists came through and were impressed with how respectfully both viewpoints were shown, although the creation side is obviously the focus. This is a first rate museum! All their displays are very professionally done.

The children enjoyed it. They were a little disappointed at how little they learned that was new. I guess that is good. We spend a lot of time studying creation and the origin of the universe.

Here is Adam and Eve in the garden before the fall.

One of our favorite scenes was the Noah's ark display. It is full scale of 1% of the ark. There are a number of workmen (amazingly lifelike, but plastic) that talk about building the ark and their opinion of Noah. You can see it from the outside as well as walk inside.

They also have a scale model that shows you the probable construction, and how the floors were set up. In the next section, they have 'Noah' tell you how things were done. I think 'Methuselah' and 'the ark and flood section', were my favorite parts.

Here we are, resting, just before we had lunch.

There are a number of eating options at the museum. They are pretty reasonable. We had packed our lunch and found a picnic table, with an umbrella, outside to eat on.

After lunch, we went back in to finish seeing the rest of the museum. The AC was sure nice! We toured the outside afterwards. It was blazing hot! Close to 100 degrees with about 100% humidity. Wow! We had to make sure we drank enough water.

Can you tell what these are?

Have you seen these before?
They have a swamp in their outdoor display that has Venus flytraps, the top picture, and different varieties of pitcher plants. How do evolutionists explain flesh eating plants?

To explain the difference between types and species, they have 'Zonkeys' ( a cross between a zebra and a donkey) and

whatever you call a cross between a horse and a zebra in their petting zoo. They also have a number of interesting Bible animals. The children could buy food and pet and feed the critters.

I learned something here. I have fed many horses and cows and their lips feel like velvet as they 'muffle' the food off your hand. I expected the same with a camel and was very surprised. Their lips felt like a cross between sandpaper and a guy's face who hasn't shaved for a week, Kind of scratchy and rough, yet still gentle. It was a strange sensation.

My DH and some of the children hunted up small pieces of shade wherever they could find them. It was so hot and very crowded.

One other very fun thing they have in their outside displays, is a number of pontoon and suspension bridges. The children enjoyed the bumps and jolts they got as they experienced the ups and downs, and swaying with movement. For the more timid or elderly, there are alternate routes to avoid the bridges. The museum is handicapped accessible, as are the gardens.
If you are in the Cincinnati area check out the Creation Museum (which is technically in Northern Kentucky)

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