Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy 15th Birthday Michelle!!

This is the big birthday week at our house. We have 3 birthdays in eight days. Michelle leads it off. She was 15 this week. It was a quiet day as only Michelle and T-Bob were home in the morning. Everybody else was working. (Even Elizabeth went to work with Joan). T-Bob, Michelle, and I spent the morning playing games. Michelle won almost every game. T-Bob and I just served as her foils.
We have found a beach on a lake that lets people bring their dogs. We have been wanting to take Dallas swimming. He was afraid when we first tried last summer. Now he's a 'manly' dog and has no fear of the water. We picked Mr. Boots and Thomas up from work and grabbed a couple of the neighbors and went to the beach. This beach is quieter than many. There is no life guard and no official swimming so it is less crowded. Dallas tried to make some new doggy friends, but his wild puppy style of friendship seemed to annoy the older dogs. They didn't want to play.

Somehow they still managed to get wet from toe to top. They climbed the local hill and played 'sharks and minnows' in the water. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

In the evening, we had supper and played some more games. The game of the day was "For Sale". It is quick ( about 20-30 minutes) and is an easy auction style game. It is about 40% luck, 60% skill. It is a good filler game.

Michelle made and decorated her own gluten free carrot cake. She is quite a cook. The cake was delicious. We have lots of gluten free recipes that we like. We used honey instead of sugar, if anyone was wondering.
It was a nice day for a nicer young woman.

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