Wednesday, June 2, 2010


"Theophrastus... calleth the Rose the light of the earth, the faire bushie toppe of the spring, the fire of love, the lightening of the land."
John Parkinson
Theatrum Botanicum (1640)

I found a book at the big book sale called, "The Quotable Gardener". I will be sharing some of the goodies in our gardening posts. Our golden iris crashed on top of the rose bush. It looks pretty sensational. I like it. It is like a living flower arrangement.

The garden is coming along. We are a little late in our plantings, but it is happening. We got our zucchini in. We are told that we should have all our plants in by the full moon. That may not quite happen.

We are enjoying our mesclun mix lettuce. It is very good although we are still working on thinning it.

The peas are growing like gangbusters. I think they grow a couple inches every day now.

The other pea patch shades the lettuce. This is a good way to keep lettuce tasty as the hot weather approaches. Grow it north of a taller vegetable in the shade. When we pull the peas the tomatoes should be tall enough then to provide that shade.
We do have our tomatoes and eggplants in. I am still looking for basil, rosemary, broccoli, brussel sprouts, leeks, and maybe a red cabbage or two. It is time to start the beans now, too.
Do you know what herb/flower is considered nature's multi-vitamin?
" A weed is a plant that is not only in the wrong place, but intends to stay."
Sara Stein
My Weeds (1988)

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