Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Piano Recital

Note to future piano teachers: Do not decide to have a recital 5 weeks before the recital and then go out of town the second and third weeks before the performance. If you must do this, select music the children already know well, not pieces they are just starting to learn.

Thomas and JoAn did pretty well with their duet. I really like to see them working together. JoAn and Thomas have been taking piano lessons for two years. JoAn also plays violin which has helped with learning a different instrument.

Thomas was not too excited about this recital. His teacher told him afterward, that usually she likes to hear a student play through a piece all the way before they perform it at a recital. Fortunately, Thomas has a prodigious memory and so he could get it down quickly. I have to admit that the night before, we still weren't convinced that he would be ready to play this. He did well in the end.


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