Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Winter Day on the Farm

 I open my eyes in the morning and there is a window at the head of our bed at pillow height.  I look and the sun is gloriously making it's way above the horizon.  I don't even have to get out of bed to see it.  I watch as the colors fade and the day becomes light.

I get out of bed and have green eggs and ham.  Our Ameraucana hen has started laying again.  Who can resist this breakfast.  Our hens have really picked up in their laying and we are getting 18 eggs from our 24 hens most days!  Little Sissy our hen we brooded ourself laid her first egg today.  A tiny pullet egg but it had a beautiful orange yolk.  Elizabeth couldn't resist cracking it open right away to see.

The neighbor three doors down free ranges his 5 geese, much to the consternation of all his neighbors.  They don't ever stay home.  They wander the neighborhood leaving piles everywhere they go.  He has been requested to restrain them, but he resists.  If only they didn't leave their piles on people's driveways.  These geese have a foraging range of almost a mile!  The next door neighbor requested that we let our dog have a go at them to see if we can 'accidentally' reduce their population.  LOL

The pond has frozen over, but it was recently snow covered.  Michelle went out with the snow blower and tried to clear it all off.  They were wishing we had a zamboni.  If only they were as excited to clear off the driveway....


I love seeing the kids outside enjoying the farm.  I also really like to see the dog running free.  He just gallops and runs all over.  Everyone has a good time.

Dee and Elizabeth

It is so nice to be able to invite friends over to share the fun!

Michelle and JoAn

Even JoAn makes it a point to get outside when she is home.  So much fun to slide on the ice!

I look back at the snow covered fields and start dreaming of what will be.  I have been spending lots of time poring over seed catalogs online as well as poultry websites.  I can't wait to get the garden going!  I want to raise some fryers for meat and maybe increase our egg business.  Still pondering whether we will be up to raising steers this summer.  How many projects should we start?

Elizabeth and Dee climbing a tree
Should we limit ourselves to just a couple and put all our efforts there or go for it and try and get a lot done at once.  I think we will probably try the middle ground but without much experience, who knows where that is?  It is all so fascinating!

JoAn can walk on water also
 So much is happening and we are needing to buckle down and get caught up on our homeschooling.  We missed a lot of time this fall with the move.  T-Bob is working hard.  Thomas never slowed down as he loves to do it and works at it ALL the time.  Michelle is finishing up and so she only has math and Science to finish up along with a couple books to read.

Elizabeth, Dee, and Devin zip along on the toboggan behind the ATV

That is life on the farm this January.  We are spending our time planning and schooling.  My DH and son are spending the time this weekend at the old house working on getting the kitchen going.  God has been so good to us.  Today is very quiet here as Thomas is off for the weekend with friends.  My ears are getting a rest!  Love that boy!  You never have to wonder what he's thinking!  Enjoying the fireplace and hot drinks.  You gotta love Ohio in the winter!

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