Monday, January 6, 2014

An Ode to my Tallest Nephew

Today is a frigid day here in Ohio.  The coldest one in several decades.  As I type the wind is blowing at a brisk 25-30 mph and the temp is -8 degrees F.  On my computer the weather shows up for one other city other than ours, and that is for Manilla Philippines where my sister and her family reside.  It was 86 there today.  I got to thinking of them and I realized that I had never done a birthday post for Joshua.

Mom and Dad visiting the Eichs in the Philippines in 2011.
Joshua had his 15th birthday in November.  He is growing into a fine young man.

Joshua was homeschooled until this year.  He went with us on this field trio to a local nature center.  He is the little guy in the black shirt, standing next to Michelle in the red dress.  

This is a family picture taken when Josh was 4. (2002).  We were blessed as a family to have the kids get to know their great-grandma.  She always loved and enjoyed all her grandchildren.  

Joshua likes to have a good time.  He has always enjoyed cousin time.  He is a real family oriented guy!

I like this picture.  It is such a classic boy look.  Joshua always enjoys a good rough and tumble.

Josh enjoys sports.  He like to play baseball and basketball and now he plays volleyball also.  He has always liked to swim.

This picture was taken just before the Eichs left for the Philippines in 2009.  We sure missed them while they were gone.  When they left Josh was a little kid.

This picture was taken in fall 2012 at the family birthday dinner.  When they returned after two years Josh was over 6 ft.  He seems to always have a smile on his face.

Josh enjoyed his time at Trek while he was here in the States.  The young men seemed to like to test their strength against each other.

 This was a picture of the boy cousins this past summer.  Josh really enjoys playing with the little guys.  He loves babies.

Josh and T-Bob are less than 2 years apart.  We bet that this height differential won't last too long.  This picture was taken just before the Eich family returned to the Philippines.  One of the things Josh asked me, before he left, was that I would write on my blog again.  I know he reads it often.

Josh recently passed up Grandpa in height.  He is now about 6'3".  We sure miss you Josh!  

My sister and her son... Two handsome people!
Happy Birthday a little late, Joshua!
Love, Aunt Jennifer

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