Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday on the Farm

One of the reasons we wanted the farm was to get the kids outside and playing together. We also wanted a place where others could join us and we can be an encouragement to them.  Today was a nice day at the farm.  It wasn't terribly cold, high of 33 degrees, and it was sunny after several snowy days.  It was a wonderful day!  Enjoy the pictures!

The morning was quiet.  The kids worked on their chores and checked their computers.

Sadie and Elizabeth

Then the younger cousins came over.  They played outside for awhile (but I was busy and didn't have my camera out) and then they goofed around inside.

The kids played keep away and wrestled over a small ball.  All in good fun.  No tears or anger.  It is the simple things in life that children enjoy!

The closest, in age, cousins.  Levi and ELizabeth were born the same month.

Mr. Ian is rocking 1st grade.

Poor JoAn had her wisdom teeth pulled yesterday afternoon and is enjoying some quiet time.  She is resting, icing, taking supplements and is doing well.  Her face is hardly swollen at all.  She has to heal fast as she starts her new job on Monday!

We (Mary and I) were enjoying the chickens.  We had peeled and cut up a bunch of apples so we took the chickens the scraps. 

They sure enjoyed them.

T-Bob assured me that all the cool dudes go down the hill with their hands in their pockets.  They also don't look at cameras.  One has to be totally nonchalant!

Elizabeth tried the same methodology, but she looked at me and smiled..

and she couldn't keep her hands in her pockets.  She is still a cool dudette in my book.

One word of warning!  Don't trust big brothers to push you down the hill on your sled!

That's much nicer!

Then it was time to teach vehicle maintenance  to the younger set. They had to change the oil on the ATV.  

Paul and Steve were the instructors.  They verified that the oil was to the correct level.

Then it was time for our Cincinnati relatives to leave.  We had a nice visit.  They are always so helpful and cheerful to have around!

The ATV was taken out and the children were pulled around on the sled.  They had a great time!  They stayed in the front so as not to scare any deer away.  Today starts muzzle loading season.  We have seen quite a few deer lately.

It looked like a hunter exploded in our side yard, but I think it was only Paul airing out his hunting clothes.

Dallas kept surveillance on all the activities.  He is a great sentinel.  He announces visitors,  both animal and human.

Riding the sled does make you very snowy!!!

It was such a nice day!

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