Monday, January 20, 2014

A Wonderful Day!

Yesterday was a fun day.  SO much variety and different activities to keep this mama busy.  I had the heartwarming experience of bringing four little boys to the hospital to meet their new baby brother.  They were so excited!  Everyone took turns holding him!

They studied him and wanted to check and make sure he had all his pieces and parts.  They compared his hand to theirs and were surprised at how tiny they were.  They wanted to check out his feet and the umbilical stump.  They wanted to know exactly how that had worked and what was going to happen with it.  So curious!

Grandma and Grandpa got their turn to hold little Liam after the boys had.  The boys were ready to move on after about an hour.  They were looking forward to coming back to the farm to play outside.

The air temp was almost 32 F so the chickens were out and about.

The boys helped us clear the ice so they could go skating or sliding.  They had a blast playing on the ice.  They ran and slid and bellyflopped.  So much fun!

Does it look like he enjoyed it?

The boys helped gather eggs and played with the chickens.  They were fascinated by the way the chickens came over and pecked at their boots to get the snow off.  Our hens are doing amazing laying eggs.  We have 24 hens that are about 2 years old and we are getting 18 eggs or more every day.  I am still planning on getting pullets soon so that when the old biddies get tired there will be some youngsters to take their place.  We just can't do without our eggs!

There was a beautiful sunset as we drove to church for AWANA.

It was inside out upside down and backwards night!  JoAn had her bun in the front and all her clothes inside out and backwards.

So did Ian.  He even had his socks on his hands!  It did make it difficult to throw the ball in game time!  He didn't care.  He is a trooper.

Michelle is working as a Mother's helper for our friend who just had the baby.  She is looking after the four boys.  It is a big job but she really enjoys it!

 She is enjoying holding the new bundle of joy when she gets the chance.  A baby is such a blessing! I got a chance to visit with my sister from the Philippines in the evening and chatted with my niece on facebook.  What a wonderful day!

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