Thursday, January 30, 2014

CCS Runs into a Buzzsaw

Thursday evening CCS had a game down in Amish country. They played a large Christian school.  They were a very good team of all 8th graders (About 18 kids on the team) against our little team (12 players including a couple of fifth graders) of 5th-8th graders.


The game started out pretty well and we kept pace through the first quarter.  This was a tournament game and the team was hopeful.  If they won they would go on to a game on the weekend in Toledo.

CCS was leading at the end of the first quarter.  It didn't last long....

The opponents team was really tall.  T-Bob would not have been  one of the taller players on their team.  The other team was able to rotate their players in and out to keep them fresh.  They wore us down pretty quick.  Player #32 was about 6' and weighed around 180#/  He was a big guy!

At halftime we were down 16-9.

We really struggled both offensively and defensively.  We didn't get into foul trouble.  We just weren't able to get good shots off.  They played tight defense and were able to rebound well with their height.

At the end of the third quarter their lead had grown to 8.

The coach gave the guys a talking to, encouraging them to persevere.

Alas, Trevor, our best player, got his head kneed and he had a terrible headache afterward.  It really took the steam out of our team.  We also had an issue with the officials at one point.  Our player was fouled while shooting, they gave us the free throws, but they didn't give us credit for the basket.  They said they didn't see it go in the hoop.  How can TWO officials miss that?!!!  We need to get some younger referees in our league!

The team played their hearts out, but it was too little.  They were worn down and didn't have the size to compete with this team.

They lost by 16 points.  They made a respectable showing, they showed a Warrior's fighting spirit, but they weren't able to overcome.

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