Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Paul Turns 21!!!!

Twenty-One years ago today our oldest son, Paul, was born.  Today he signed up for college courses!  He has attained the height of 6'2".  For so many years he was very small for his age and I would reassure him that someday he would be over 6 foot and he would eventually catch up to Michelle in height.  He is now a half inch taller.  Yeah!

He is loving the farm and has been having a great time pulling the sled for the kids with the ATV.

He was born under the Christmas tree, quite literally.  We had all our babies at home, and he was born in the living room where there was more space.  We have had a family tradition ever since to leave our Christmas tree up until his birthday every year.  I have always said that anybody born under a Christmas tree had to be happy!

He and JoAn were pals from the beginning.

Paul was blessed to have two great grandmas living close by.   They thought he was pretty special.

He was a real blondie as a little guy.  He was a hard worker from the time he was little.  He started going to work with my DH when he was only 2.5 years old.

Paul was a sweetheart as a little boy.

He loved outdoor activities.  He especially enjoyed our trips to Canada.

Here he is with his best pal Will.  They are still good friends!

Here is a picture from one of our last Canada trips.  We haven't been able to go back since Elizabeth was born.


Paul and Elizabeth are great buddies, and have been from the very beginning.  They are twelve years apart but they spend a lot of time teasing and playing together.  Paul is such a good big brother.

Paul has a good ear for music and played the violin for a number of years.  He still drags it out every once in awhile.

Paul's 18th birthday.  Note the adorable place mat that depicts a properly set table.  The kids made this for Elizabeth so she could take over their job of setting the table.

On one of our family breaks we went to Chatauqua Lake.  Paul took the pieces and parts and made and designed a hovercraft, while we were there.  It actually worked and was a lot of fun!

Paul loves to work at camp.  In this picture he was acting in a skit.  He spends a lot of time there, when he can.

Paul also has been an AWANA teacher for the last three years.  AWAANA is a christian kids club.

Here are Paul and Michelle ready to head out to a English Country dance.  They had a great time!

Paul enjoyed his years in speech and debate.  His last year he really enjoyed working with Caleb.

Here is Paul with his good friend Will taken this spring.  It is neat to see them grow up together!

This past summer, Paul spent 3 months in Canada working on an evangelistic team there.  It was a real time of maturing for him.

Paul and Elizabeth
Happy Birthday Paul!  It has been so exciting and fun to watch you grow up.  We are so pleased to see the work that God is doing in your life.  Keep working to serve Him.

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