Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Day at the Mango's.

New Year's Day at the Mango's is always a day spent with family and friends!  We had 26 people at the dinner table.  We spend the day playing games, visiting, and watching football.  We have done this for my entire life.  I am enjoying continuing the tradition.  All local family is invited and then we invite others who we want to get to know better, or just enjoy hanging out with.  It is a day rich with our family traditions.  It has changed a bit over the years.  We no longer watch near as much football.  We used to have three TVs going at one time, as most of the games were on New Year's Day.  Now they are all spread out.  The people we meet with have changed a bit as some have moved and others have passed, but the good food, game playing and wonderful fellowship continues.  Here is how we spent our day....

We woke up on New Year's morning to fresh snow.  T-Bob manfully got out the snowblower and blew out the driveway.  He did a nice job and did it cheerfully.  I think he's growing up!

Elizabeth decided to try to find a place to sled at the side of the barn.  Not sure why she thought a rake was the right tool to add snow to her ramp with.  Silly Girl!

She did have a good time sledding there on the little hill.  When Levi, Ian  and her friend came over they joined her in sledding.  At least you don't get tired walking back up the hill! LOL

Thomas spent the day speechwriting.  You can't let a holiday interrupt your plans to get something done.  He's a man on a mission!

Paul was around.  He came over mid-morning and then just pitched in to help out.  He has been house sitting for a friend who has animals that need tending while they are on vacation.  He likes the quiet at their house.  Home alone.

My nephew Daniel brought his photo album over from his safari to Zimbabwe.  He is a big game hunter at only 19.  He got some pretty impressive animals.  He holds the record for the largest kudzu ever shot in Zimbabwe.  (Not sure if that is the right animal, but one of those deer with big horns)  He was on a leopard safari and he got almost every kind of animal except for a leopard!  He was sad.  Did I mention that he is an award winning taxidermist?

My three sweet nieces came along with their brother.  It was so good to see them and get to spend time with them!  They are very talented young women.  Today was a treat!

The album of Daniel's trip got passed around and everyone looked at his safari pictures.

Isaac was cheerful today and lived up the meaning of his name, despite not having a nap.  I think he is starting to get used to the farm.

Dad spent the day reading.

The older cousins and our other guests got together for a rousing game of 'spoons'.  I don't think they did the elimination version, just multiple rounds.  They seemed to have a good time.

The guys played 'Loose Change' with the younger set and when the little ones got tired and left, they switched over to 'For Sale' an auction game.

We had our traditional pork and sour kraut with mashed potatoes for dinner.  Later, after a tour of the farm and some target shooting, we served dessert.  Mom made chocolate mousse, tapioca pudding, and  ribbon cookies.  I think she was trying to serve everyone's favorites in one meal.

Michelle made a cheesecake with either cherry sauce or lemon curd on top.  It was totally yummy!

We sure missed our Filippino family, but it sure was nice to have some other older cousins to hang out with.  Too bad they live so far away most of the time also.  Daniel is a world traveller, Julia is on the west coast, Joy is moving to Switzerland for college and Kay is still local.  It was so nice to be together even if it was only for a day.

Here are all the Mango Cousins present today.

These last two pictures are for Grandma, who doesn't always check facebook.  

Happy New Year to one and All!

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